Music & Design

Welcome to my new site!

I'll try and post here as often as possible, sharing revelations, tutorials, cool sites, or even just something funny or weird that happened to me (this happens a lot). Let's get started.

Music plays a big part in my design work, and I tend to spend as much time finding that perfect soundtrack to do work to, as I do picking the right font or color. I keep track of the music I'm listening to via spotify, where I have a single playlist that I just throw whatever I'm feeling at the moment. Take a listen if you'd like, I'm always adding new stuff...

Project 52

We're in the throws of week 23 of Project 52, which means we are almost at the halfway mark!

If you don't know what Project 52 is, it's a weekly design competition between 6 designers. Derived from a want/need to create original and insightful work, the project centers around each designers separate interpretations of the same 3 random elements. These include:  a random word; random Wikipedia article; and a Wildcard element from the previous weeks winner.

Each weekend, the designers anonymously post their piece to the shared ProjectFiftyTwo Instagram account where the design with the most votes/likes after a week is crowned champion.

I highly encourage you to head over to the site and follow us on Instagram. All of the designers are working very hard and coming up with some incredible pieces.

Vote/like on Instagram @projectfiftytwo

View everyone's work and past designs at